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Got questions about an inmate status? Call the Maricopa County Jail Hotline at (602) 876-0322

Jail Inmates can also be looked up online by visiting the MCSO Inmate Lookup page online.

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Looking For An Honest Anthem Bail Bonds Service?

What exactly is a bail bond or a bail bondsman? This is a question that not many people ask until the unfortunate need arises. But once it does arise you want to feel confident that you have made the best choice possible in choosing a bail bondsman. Knowing all of the following information as well as experience with the bail system and finding a bondsman with 24 hour assistance are essential conditions for the bail bondsman you choose.

So what exactly is bail? What exactly is Anthem Bail Bondsman?

Bail is a sum of money that is set by the court that is meant to secure or guarantee the fact that a person accused, aka the defendant, will return to court for any future court dates. Once the bail is paid to the court the defendant is given a temporary release with the promise they will return to court and not flee.

When bail is set many times the defendant cannot afford the full amount of the bail. This is where Anthem Bail Bonds comes in. The bail bond is a contract that is set between the bondsman, the person who’s securing the defendant’s release and the court. The person securing the defendant’s release is also known as the indemnitor. Basically the way it works is the bail bondsman guarantees to the court that the defendant will show up for any court appearances that are required. And the indemnitor makes a contract and a guarantee to the bondsman that the defendant will show up. The indemnitor does this by giving at least 10% of the bail amount. This is a non-refundable fee that is paid to the bail bondsman for his or her service.

If the bail is set particularly high then there are items that can be used for collateral. Collateral is something of value that is worth as much value as the bail that the court set. Some examples of this are property, such as a house or rental property or any other items of worth. Of course it goes without saying that any of the money or items used for collateral must be from legitimate means. Meaning, if the court was to determine that the collateral was money or items gotten from illegal means such as drug dealing they would not allow that to be used for securing the bail.

If the person that is securing the release of the defendant has excellent credit there is something called a signature bond that can be used. This is just basically a signed contract stating that the money for the bail would be paid by the end of the day if the defendant did not return to court. This only works if somebody has excellent credit and they have to sign and be responsible for the full pay off.

Once the bail bondsman receives a discharge from the court, also called a bail bond discharge, which means that the bail is no longer needed for the defendant then the bail bondsman will return any collateral that was put up by the indemnitor.

Why Use Anthem Bail Bonds?

If you are wondering why to use a bail bondsman at all, well for defendants that have a lot of money a bail bonds might not be a service they need to use. However, for people that have low funds but have collateral such as a house or a boat or other items that cannot be quickly liquefied a bail bondsman is possibly the only choice. The ultimate reason for using Anthem Bail Bonds is to get out of jail before your trial. Additionally, if the defendant has no money of their own they can have somebody else, for example, the indemnitor, as described give the bail for them either with cash or collateral to the bail bondsman. They are guaranteeing to the bail bondsman that the full amount of the bail will be paid if the defendant does not show up to court. So this is a very serious contract that the indemnitor enters into with the bail bondsman.

Bail is not something that the court has to set. The reason for bail is to ensure that the defendant will show up for court. If the defendant is believed to be particularly dangerous to the public or certain person’s involved in the court proceeding or a particular flight risk such as someone that is facing a capital crime the judge or magistrate can reserve the right to not set bail. Of course if a defendant has a criminal history and a criminal history especially of not showing up to court dates, no matter what the crime, it is probably a sure bet that the judge is not going to set bail.

The court has the sole discretion of the bail that it sets and the considerations are the seriousness of what the defendant is charged with, any past criminal activity, any past court date skippings, etc. The ultimate reason for setting bail is just to make sure that the defendant shows up for court. Once the court case is over and the defendant is either exonerated or put on probation or sentenced to jail or prison, the bail bondsman’s contract terminates and as soon as the bail is terminated the collateral is returned.

All of this is very scary and overwhelming to someone who finds himself in a situation of needing a bail bondsman. This is why finding someone such as Anthem Bail Bonds, who is not only knowledgeable but compassionate and understanding of your needs and the legal system is absolutely essential. If the worst happens and you find yourself facing legal action, and going to court and possibly going to jail the last thing you need on your mind is any more stress. You need to know that you have the best help in securing your bond. Anthem Bail Bonds is not only willing to answer all of your questions but has the capability of answering all of your questions truly and accurately.

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