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Got questions about an inmate status? Call the Maricopa County Jail Hotline at (602) 876-0322

Jail Inmates can also be looked up online by visiting the MCSO Inmate Lookup page online.

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How Do I Get A Bail Bond in Apache Junction, Arizona?

Being in jail and in need of bail money is a harrowing experience indeed. The upside of it is that you can get assistance for yourself or a loved one by applying for Apache Junction bail bonds. Bail bondsmen and bondswomen are people who dedicate a portion of their lives to helping people obtain the funds they need to get out of jail. You have a high chance of getting bail bond assistance despite what the crime is and the amount of the bail. The following is some comforting information about bail bond agencies and what you can do to have your loved one released so that he or she can resume normal life activities until the court date arises.

Why Bail Is Necessary

The bail system is put in place to protect the crime victims of Arizona and the courts. A judge examines a defendant’s criminal records short after the police bring that person into custody, and it makes the decision about the bail shortly after that. When considering whether or not to post bail, the judge considers:

  • The nature of the crime
  • The defendant’s criminal history
  • Any existing track record that pertains to bail bonds

The judge makes the decision that he or she is in everyone’s best interest. Serious crimes naturally have higher bail amounts than misdemeanors have. A person with a long criminal history will obviously have a higher bail than someone who does not. That reasoning is quite normal. Bail bond amounts are not negotiable. The defendant must come up with the entire amount that the judge requests for the release.

How Bail Bondsmen Restore the Balance

Bail bondsmen are kind people who front defendant’s the money for bail by paying it at the jail site. All they expect in return is a down payment and a promise that the defendant will show up in court. Since Apache Junction bail bonds companies risk losing their money when a defendant runs, they may be leery about certain defendants. Applicants usually discuss apprehension and hesitation during a meeting, however.

Qualifying for Bail Bonds in Apache Junction

Any person who is 18 years of age and knows someone who is incarcerated can qualify for bail bond specialists to help. The specialist may ask some personal questions about finances and assets to ensure that the applicant is in good standing. In the worst case scenarios, the bail bond person may ask for collateral for the assistance. The applicant can use something like the deed to a home or the title to a car as collateral until the the hearing concludes. The bail bond company usually holds a lien on such items until about 30 days after the defendant goes to the court hearing. Some other collateral items may be acceptable if the applicant does not have a title or a deed.

Common Features and Benefits of Bail Bond Providers

Bail bond providers vary in the ways that they accommodate their applicants. Some of them are super-accommodating while others are strict and stay mostly hands off. Transportation is a benefit that some providers offer to those who ask for it. They provide defendants with a ride home after they bail them out. Some offices will come and pick up bail bond applicants if they cannot make it to the office for some reason. Another benefit that some bail bond companies provide is collect calls. Collect calls are super convenient for an inmate who does not have the means to pay for a phone call. However, applicants cannot expect every bail bond company to provide the previously mentioned accommodations. Only a few sites offer them.

How to Choose the Right Bail Bond Company

An interested person should review five crucial points when deciding which bail bond company to hire: reputation, experience, benefits, customer service and cost. The reputation is important because no one wants to be taken advantage of by a dishonest or shady bail bond company. Consumer reviews and testimonials will usually provide a prospect with enough information to make an informed decision about a bail bond company. Years of experience are important, but a low number should not cause the prospect to immediately exclude a specific provider. Customer service is important because it can keep the mood straight.

Rule and Regulations Regarding Bail Bonds

A defendant in a bail bond situation is supposed to show up for court so that the case can resolve and the bail bond company can get its investment back. A huge problem arises when a defendant decides to skip bail and not show up for court. The penalties can be severe. The judge can immediately put a warrant out on the defendant and then charge you with failure to appear. The bail bond company will also lose the money that it put forth for your release. A failure to appear charge can cause you to get up to 18 months in jail along with your bail forfeiture.

How to Obtain Bail Bond Assistance

An interested person can contact a participating bail bond provider by telephone or by short form. Someone will invite the person in for an initial meeting and discuss details such as the deposit that is necessary to pay for the services. The bail bondsman will pay the bail and pick up the defendant as soon as the funds are paid and all the paperwork is signed. The defendant can then resume normal activities and avoid trouble so that everything goes smoothly for him or her. Any collateral that the bail bond company had tied up will be returned to the defendant within 30 days after the court case ends. The client should contact the bail bond company directly if there is a delay of the processing in returning the good-faith collateral contribution. Bail bond customers who go through the process successfully will be eligible for future assistance. Some companies may even offer referral bonuses other perks. Diligent searching should be conducted so that the consumer finds the right bail bond company for the job.

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