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What is Collateral?

Collateral is the property you get back at the end of a bail bond when everything happens the way it is supposed to. Collateral can be real property like a house, vehicles, trailers, motor cycles, TV’s, boats, jewelry, guns, electronics, cash and even credit cards.

No Collateral / Signature Bonds (Our Most Asked For Type of Bond)

There is only one way to do this and that is:

  1. You must have an steady long term job.
  2. You must have very good credit.
  3. You must be willing to sign a “General Power of Attorney”. Yes this means legally we are you in all respects.

Property Types

Real Estate (Case by Case Basis on which states we are able to deed a home) You must have equity greater than the bail bond amount to qualify.

Bad Home

Bad Home

home collateral

Good Home










DMV Based Title Property like automobiles, motorcycles, and trailers etc.

Bad Vehicle Title

Bad Vehicle Title

Good Title

Good Title

Chrysler Sebring


Nissan Truck



Chevy Tahoe Collateral

Chevy Tahoe Collateral

Trailer and Equipment Collateral

Trailer and Equipment

Currency, Electronics, Guns or Other Types of Property With Resale Value

Silver Rings

Silver Rings


Real Gold and Silver Currency


Thousands of Dollars In Cash Rolls


Roll of Thousands of Dollars in Cash












Two Hand Guns


TV and Home Stereo Equipment


iMac Home Computer

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