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Got questions about an inmate status? Call the Maricopa County Jail Hotline at (602) 876-0322

Jail Inmates can also be looked up online by visiting the MCSO Inmate Lookup page online.

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How Do Glendale, Arizona Bail Bonds Work?

If you haven’t rubbed shoulders with the law close enough to feel the cold of a jail cell then the nature of a Glendale bail bonds will surely be something alien to you. Well, don’t be embarrassed as nothing about these bond ‘agents’ takes rocket science to understand, in fact, the necessity of being freed from the clutches of jail will ensure that you will not fail in your search for enlightenment.

A bail bond company basically posts bail on your behalf. This is normally the case when you can’t afford the amount set for bail. For this service a bail bonds agent will charge you a fee of between 10%-15% of the bail, which is all you have to pay. Nonetheless, it does occur more often than not that some people will still be unable to pay the 10%-15%, in which case real or personal security will have to be lodged to ensure repayment no matter what. So once your trial is over and you have satisfied all conditions for bail, your agent will keep that ‘fee’. The flip-side is that you can expect to receive your bail bond money back minus the fees the bondsman charges after successfully satisfying the court requirements.

A Glimpse At The Bigger Glendale, Arizona Bail Bond Picture

In reality all bail agents are normally underwritten by insurance companies that expect agents to maintain what is known in bond circles as a build up fund. It is from this fund that courts recoup bail in the event of a skip of non-appearance from the defendant. From the aforementioned it isn’t hard to appreciate the huge financial risk that these guys accept, all for you! So if you are planning to skip bail consider what kind of trouble you’ll be causing. Plus, apart from being sued for contractual damages or forfeiting your collateral, you’ll stand to be charged for bail fraud as well.

How To Locate A Local Bail Bondsman In Glendale?

As misplaced as it might appear, there is a nationwide bail bonds directory with listings of existing agencies by state. However, just as the mandatory licensing requirement applies in some states and is non-existent in others, the same applies to state directories as some companies are not listed. Regardless, finding a Glendale bail bondsman company that is both reputable and reliable is a lot easier when you search through an online directory, than trying to google it!

Grab The Bail By The Horns

There isn’t any better place to ask around for a bail bond agency than at the courts. The courts are in a better position to direct you to agencies that have acquired a good name, and quite naturally, ones they will be inclined to accept. The last thing you need at a bail hearing is to have your chosen agency being declined for the simple reason that it cannot be trusted.

Bail Agents Associations in Glendale, Arizona

Another helpful place to search around are bail bond associations in your state. Again, like national directories, these associations will have listings of some of the best bond companies. The primary objective of these association isn’t group profiteering but rather seeing to it that bail proceedings are being followed in line with constitutional safeguards against the abuse of the rights of accused persons.

Do A Little Digging

Previously I mentioned that a bail bond is underwritten by an insurance company without which a court will be reluctant to agree. So do a little digging and find out whether the companies on the shortlist of agents are actually insured as claimed. This saves you the inconvenience of working with fraudsters, who can cause you headaches in the future.

Find Out From The Pros

As corny as it sounds, it works like magic. You don’t have to go to the ends of the earth to find the best agent when you can ask a recalcitrant relative a friend whose regular criminal transgressions are bound to count for something in terms of some really solid advice. Chances are he/she will be in a better position to advise you based on real life experience.

Referrals From Defense Lawyers

Another piece of advice is engage defense lawyers about who offers the best Glendale bail bonds. Defense lawyers deal with issues of bail on a regular basis, and if anything is to go by, these are the first people you should actually consult for recommendations.

The Better Bail Bureau

This is a lot similar to bail bond associations and national directories. The only notable difference is that the Better bail Bureau has a rating system in place. Agencies are rated on a scale between A (the best) and F (the worst). A 5 minute online search is all it takes to verify the true worth of an agent. Years of experience are also taken into consideration when ratings are made so you will in all probability enlist the services of a dependable company.

A Word Of Caution

Like they say in the law of contract: nothing is agreed until everything is agreed. Therefore, make sure that you read the bail bond contract and ensure that you know what you are agreeing to. It has happened before that people have had homes furnished as real security foreclosed.

At a certain point in my life I was convinced that destiny -or fate- existed and that some things just happen because it is the natural order of things. But an unfortunate incident changed all of that as I saw myself staring at the world through prison bars and just hating every second of it. What made things worse was that the bail set was steep and I couldn’t afford it. So what, spend more time in jail? There was no way on earth I was going to spend another gruesome night in lock up, and most definitely if I could do something about it. A bail bond agency eventually came to my rescue when no one else could, and I am forever glad that I took time to look for one. However, it wouldn’t have been such a happy ending if I had enlisted the services of a fraudulent, money hungry agent.

The very best of luck in your search, and of course, in your impending trial.

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