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Got questions about an inmate status? Call the Maricopa County Jail Hotline at (602) 876-0322

Jail Inmates can also be looked up online by visiting the MCSO Inmate Lookup page online.

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Have You Or A Loved One Been Arrested For A Crime And Need A Bail Bondsman In Peoria?

You should start the bail bond process as soon as you come to know about the arrest of your family member, friend or loved one. It is necessary to contact a professional, licensed and registered bail bondsman as soon as possible. You can ensure early release of the loved one by starting the process quickly. You must have many questions regarding Peoria bail bonds process. Following information will prove helpful in knowing the process of bail bonds in Peoria. Contact us now if you need more information.

What to Do after the Arrest in Peoria, Arizona?

There is a process with bail bond. You have to follow this process step by step. You should handle this complex legal process with the help of a professional bail bondsman. Trying to do it on your own can mean failure, delay in release and even damaging the case. Contact our Peoria bail bonds agency immediately once you hear the news of arrest. We will guide and inform you what to do next. Moving fast is the key to the successful and quick release of the arrested person.

Bail Bonds And The Arrest Process in Peoria, Arizona

At the time of arrest, the police is required to read aloud the legal rights to the accused person. It is known as Miranda Rights. These rights allow the accused to remain silent during questioning. The accused has the right to consult an attorney before answering any question of the police. The accused person’s attorney must be present during the questioning. The accused who cannot afford a lawyer gets one appointed before any questioning. After the arrest, the accused is taken to a lockup facility and booked. The booking procedure involves photographing, fingerprinting and recording personal data of the accused. An intoxication check is performed if the accused is suspected of being under the influence of intoxicant or drug. Any property the suspect is holding is confiscated. These items are returned at the time of release. The accused is generally allowed to make a phone call before being locked up in the local police station or county jail.

The Arraignment Process And Needing A Bail Bonds Service in Peoria, Arizona

After being arrested, the person is placed through the arraignment process. During this time, the defendant is represented by an attorney. The court hears plea of guilty, not guilty, not contesting or remaining mute. The judge determines if the defendant can be released on personal recognizance or a bail bond is needed. The court sets the bail if it decides the defendant cannot be relied for being present on scheduled court hearings.

After the Court Sets the Peoria, Arizona Bail Bond

There are several options to the defendant after the bail has been set. The first option is to pay the bail amount in cash. A property having the same value as the bail amount can be pledged. It is possible only when the court allows the defendant to exercise this option. The third option is to buy a bail bond. Contact us if you need bail bond service.

Constitutional Right

A bail bond is a constitutional right available to anyone who is booked for an offense. It is not necessary that the accused person is the real offender. The investigations and trials may find the accused person was not guilty. During the trial phase, the person remains suspect. Peoria bail bonds allows accused individuals to remain free until the trial. Bail can be denied in some types of grave crimes. A bail allows the accused person to continue with the normal life before the trial begins. You should exercise your right to bail bond and keep your loved one out of jail during this time.

The Bail Hearing

This process is held only to decide whether the defendant can be released or should stay in the jail. Issues related to the crime itself are not discussed during this hearing. Only the factors related to the bail bond are decided. The court takes into account criminal history, character, financial resources and some other factors. The judge delivers the ruling after hearing the arguments of both the prosecution attorney and defendant’s attorney. If a bail bond decision is taken, the amount for the bail bond is decided. The defendant is released if the bail is posted. You should contact our Peoria bail bonds service immediately if the accused is unable to post the bail.

Why Take Help of Our Bail Bond Agency in Peoria, Arizona?

The bail bond amount is generally set very high. It is difficult for most people to pay such high amount. Some individuals can pay this amount but cannot arrange a large amount of money at such a short notice. Our bail bonds service comes to your rescue in such a situation. We will post the required bail bond amount immediately on your behalf. You may have to provide collateral to avail this service. You will be paying a fee that is generally ten percent of the bail amount.

What Happens after Paying the Bail in Peoria, Arizona?

The accused person is free to go after paying the bail. The bail amount is refunded if the defendant appears at the scheduled court date. Once the bail amount has been refunded to us, we return the collateral to you minus the fee. If the defendant fails to appear, the money remains with the court and an arrest warrant in the name of the accused is issued. In such a case, you forfeit the collateral.

What Information We Need from You?

You have to provide the defendant’s name, place of birth, address, jail name, city, state, type of crime, date, the amount set for bail and some other information if applicable. It is possible you do not have all of these details. If you know the person’s name and have information of arrest, we will help you find all such information quickly.

We are licensed and approved Peoria bail bonds agency. We have maintained a good reputation for efficiency, reliability and honesty in this field. You will receive complete start to end services related to the bail bond. We go above and beyond our duty to help you in every way possible. Contact us now if you need bail bond service.

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