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At Didn't Do It Bail Bonds in Phoenix, we do everything within our power to offer you the very best bail bonds services available in Phoenix, Arizona.

When you or your loved one has been arrested you need someone on your side you can trust. Someone who has your best interest at heart and won't take advantage of you. That's why Didn't Do It Bail Bonds should be your very first choice whenever you are trying to find a bail bondsman in Phoenix.

Our goal is to make the entire bail bond process as fast and convenient as possible for you. With our fast approval process we will quickly post the entire bond amount and get your loved one released from jail FAST! Our bail bond service is fastest in the valley and the most affordable. We do our best to remove the stress from the entire bail bonds process so you can put this all behind you quickly.

Regardless of what sort of bail method you select, our Phoenix, Arizona bondsmen offer the fastest bail available anywhere. Our professional bondsman will walk you through the entire bonding process and post the exact amount of bail that must be posted to get your loved one out of jail quickly. With our 24 hour bail bond service you won't ever have to think about what time of day it is to get your loved one out of jail. We're available seven days a week to answer any questions which may have about the bonding process from start to finish.

Looking For An Affordable Bail Bondsman in Phoenix, AZ?

We can handle bail bonds from virtually any court regardless of the type of crime committed or how big the set bond amount is. Our bail bond services are very affordable and we are proud to have the fastest bail out times in the valley.

Unlike other bail bondsman out there you never ever have to worry about any hidden charges or surprises with our service. At Didn't Do It Bail Bonds we pride ourselves in honest straight forward communication with our clients. Every step of the bail bond process is quick and painless. We treat everyone with respect and pride ourselves in being completely honest and transparent.

Nobody should ever feel stuck or hopeless when they or a loved one has been arrested or when you are trying to bail a friend or relative out of jail. In the event you or somebody in your family needs the help of a bail bondsman, simply call Didn't Do It Bail Bonds and one of our caring staff members will quickly and painlessly help you get through the entire bail process.

There aren't any other bail bondsmen in the Phoenix area who are able to match our fast response times and quality customer services. We have the lowest rates and we have payment plans to fit any budget. We offer collateral and no-collateral bonds for those who qualify.

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What To Do When you Need Bail Bonds in Phoenix

How to get Bail Bonds in Phoenix?

Didn't Do It Bail Bonds in Phoenix works quickly and thoroughly to ensure a smooth bail bond process and fast Phoenix jail release. Didn't Do It Bail Bonds Of Phoenix, AZ. has the right professionals who understand the tremendous stress you face when trying to arrange bail for a friend or loved one from a local bail bonds agent. We have the best payment plans and lowest fees in the industry.

Phoenix bail bonds company


Consult with us immediately with your bail needs, so we understand your situation. We are here for you so call us (602) 626-5214.

Provide us with some basic bail bond details so we can begin.


We will need some basic bond information beforehand like the inmate name, booking number and where the inmate is currently housed and regarding the person in jail.


We will contact the arresting facility to determine the exact bail information which will expedite the inmate's release.

Cash Bail Bonds


We will discuss the inmate's total cash bonds bail amount and review your custom bail money payment plan over the phone.


We have the fastest Bail Bondsman In Phoenix, AZ and bail out of jail times in Phoenix, Arizona. Rest assured that we will have your loved one out of jail fast.


We are the fastest bail bond companies and jail release with no obstacles, unlike other Phoenix, AZ bail bonds services. We will have your friend or loved one out of jail quickly, often without collateral, so be prepared to pick-up your friend or loved one quickly! You can even pay using your credit card for even faster service.

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How much Bail Bonds in Phoenix Cost?

The Cost Of Bail Bonds

Bail bond agencies charge 10% of the set Bail Bonds Phoenix amount as the fee for their services. It is worth noting that this fee is non-refundable and non-negotiable even if the client’s charges are dismissed before they are required to appear in court even with cash bonds. Apart from the fee, bail bond agencies will require the defendant to offer collateral to cover the total amount of their bail – most people typically offer property as security.

So, let’s say the bail is set at $20,000, the accused will have to pay the agency $2,000 as fee and then find enough collateral, either in property or money, that’ll cover the $20,000 in case they don’t show up to their court hearing. However, if they do show up, whatever they put up as collateral is released back to them. This way, bail bonds agents, who take on the responsibility of ensuring that the defendant shows up and appear in court for their court hearing, are covered. In the event the defendant doesn’t show up, the agency will forfeit the bail bond and ensure that the person in jail is brought back into custody.

The great thing about bail bonds agents in Phoenix is that they have established a competitive system that makes it easier for people to find the one that best suits their needs. That is why it’s vital that you understand how bail bonds work in Arizona. Guarantors and bail bonds agencies in Arizona are regulated by The Arizona Department of Insurance. Visit their website for more information.

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We truly care about helping people, and our bail bonding service in the community and our reputation stands on its own

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Family, friend, or loved one stuck in jail? We offer affordable 24 hour Bail Bonds Phoenix service 365 days a year! We service all jails and courts in Phoenix. We are a Maricopa County based bail bonds agency and are minutes away from all jails including the 4th ave jail and courts in the Downtown Phoenix area.